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Our Ambassadors

The Voice For Epilepsy is working with a wealth of high-profile people, who are keen to help us spread the word about the condition and raise awareness for those who are diagnosed and living with epilepsy across the UK.

Lucinda Joyner

Hi, my name is Lucinda and I am mum to Eliana who is nearly 8. Eliana was diagnosed with epilepsy just over 4 years ago and until then I didn't know very much

Tara Denholm-Smith

Tara Denholm-Smith is an award-winning writer and freelance copywriter and an Ambassador for The Voice For Epilepsy. Specialising in website, advertising and marketing copy, Tara is also a qualified editor, proofreader and the

Leandro Junges

I am a Research Fellow at the Centre for Systems Modelling and Quantitative Biomedicine (University of Birmingham), where I lead the Neuroscience and Neurology theme. With a background in theoretical physics and applied

James Lewis

I am the Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Child Epilepsy Surgery Service (CESS) for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. I have been working in epilepsy for the last 5 years working with children and

Our Patrons

The Voice For Epilepsy Charity are proud to have the support of the following distinguished patrons who generously give their time to support our work.

Jane Turner

Jane Turner's story 2012 was my most successful season as an amateur golfer, but what many didn’t know at that time, was that my family and I had a terrifying experience on 20th July


Few people are actually willing to step up and talk about Epilepsy. We need to make the world aware of the impact Epilepsy has on so many and find a cure. Without a cure, there are far too many people who will never have relief from seizures.

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