The Sleep-Safe Pillow is an anti suffocation pillow designed for use by individuals with epilepsy or seizures. The pillow has features to help prevent suffocation. It is made from a soft, porous foam with an open-cell structure for breathability.

  • Reduces the risk of SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy), meaning that you can sleep soundly knowing that you or your loved one will be safe

  • For user comfort the Sleep-Safe pillow has a soft surface, and for user safety a firm inner core to prevent obstructing the nose and mouth.

  • Recommended by the British Epilepsy Society, for extra peace of mind

To help those children and parents, our charity The Voice For Epilepsy has decided to fund the anti-suffocation pillows to everyone who needs them.

Our Pillow Grants may be paused for now but you can still purchase the Anti Suffocation Pillows with special discount for The Voice for Epilepsy website visitors!
Sleep-Safe Anti Suffocation Pillows epilepsy were developed by Don Alderton a pharmacist and his wife Chris a health visitor because their son had seizures and they were desperately concerned about his safety while he slept.
Don Alderton BSc (Hons) MRPharmS
Don Alderton BSc (Hons) MRPharmS
Worked in health care since 1963, and served fourteen years in hospitals and field medical units of the Royal Army Medical Corps. He left the army to go to university and qualified as a pharmacist.
Chris Alderton
Chris Alderton
Qualified general nurse, midwife and health visitor, and has worked in the NHS for over 40 years. She has wide-ranging knowledge and experience within health promotion and preventative care for families, especially children and their parents.

“It’s a situation I experienced at first-hand: our infant son’s seizures were extremely worrying, causing deep concerns about his night-time safety – the unpredictability of convulsions, possibly resulting in cessation of breathing, brain damage and even death due to lack of oxygen. We could minimise the risk with breathable bedding but standard domestic pillows were fundamentally unsafe.”

“This is why, personally and professionally, I want to endorse the use of Sleep-Safe Anti-Suffocation Pillows as an important aid to safe sleeping and as an alleviation to the anxiety and concerns of parents and carers.”

The key features that differentiate Sleep-Safe are…

To help prevent suffocation, the Sleep-Safe pillow has uniquely breathable design features of Aero-Profiles, Aero-Matrix and Thru-Channelling.
These features act in harmony to create a ‘Dynamic’ pillow: any head movement compresses and decompresses the core Aero-Matrix chambers, causing air to flow through the sides and ends of the pillow and the Thru-Channelling, to pass around the face.
This flushes exhaled breath and carbon dioxide away from the user’s nose and mouth to help prevent suffocation.

Anti Suffocation Pillow Testimonials

See what satisfied pillow receivers say!
pillow testimonial 3

We are very grateful to The Voice for Epilepsy for providing our four year old son with a high quality anti-suffocation pillow and for offering our family generous assistance at no cost.

The pillow is great. Very comfortable and simple design, and well-received by our son who is enjoying sleeping on his ‘special’ pillow just for him! There has been no issue in transitioning him to the new pillow.

Currently, our son has multiple nocturnal seizures every night which are yet to be managed by medication. Every measure to ensure his safety is a reassurance to us and helps us to sleep more soundly. We appreciate the support of others who recognise the challenges and fears associated with epilepsy and who work towards helping those who live with the condition.

Thank you!

Pearl Newton
pillow testimonial 2

We received our pillow and all had a good nights sleep. Thank you! We have a happy boy.

Rachel Jones
pillow testimonial

My daughter loves the pillow she said it’s very comfy. I can relax a bit more now she has it. I was constantly worried she would suffocate my mind is a little more at rest now. Thank you so much

Joanne Davoren
pillow testimonial 7
I have to say, I love the pillow! It’s a great size, just a bit bigger than a standard pillow, and I find it perfect used on top of a normal pillow to give it some height (I have to as I have neck & shoulder issues, but others may not need to). It’s really breathable, and it’s honestly the only pillow I’ve owned which doesn’t cause me to overheat in the night. This is a huge bonus as I was worried that might be the case as it’s synthetic, but the airflow due to the way it’s made means it keeps my head cool. You can really tell due to the airflow that it wouldn’t cause suffocation during a seizure, and this gives me a large degree of piece of mind at night. I’m so grateful that I was able to obtain one – I wish I’d have been told about these when I was diagnosed 31 years ago as they’re truly life-savers. I wish they could be given out to everyone upon diagnosis as they’d save a lot of lives. I can’t thank you enough for sending it, and I’ve enclosed a picture of it too.

Thanks so much!

Anna Morelle-Grey
pillow testimonial 6

pillow testimonial 5

Our son was very excited to receive it and has slept well with it also so it must be very comfortable for him.

The peace of mine it will bring to us as his parents during the night will be invaluable.

Thank you again.

Stephanie Pritchard
pillow testimonial 4

I have to say that the quality of the pillow is brilliant and my son is very happy with it.  It also has given me reassurance about him sleeping at night.  The service has been excellent and extremely quick between notification and delivery.

Thank you for your support.
He is extremely happy with it

Thanks once again!

Sarah Williams

Apply for funding

As a small charity funds are limited. Funding can take a couple of months depending completely on donations. If you can afford to purchase and can’t wait, you can contact Sleep-Safe. Otherwise, please read the guide before applying below.
Guide to requesting an anti suffocation pillow from The Voice for Epilepsy


Name – Forename and Surname must be included.

Whether requesting for yourself, a loved one, friend or client you will be our contact throughout the procedure. You will be expected to sign a declaration ensuring that all details are correct, agree the terms on which a pillow is funded and be responsible for ensuring the person using the pillow knows how to use it correctly. You will also be responsible for replying to Sleep-Safe tax exemption/address check email.

Email address – Please double check that your email address is correct before submitting, this is how we will contact you. We have a number of emails bounce each month.

Phone number – We will only contact you via phone or text as a last resort should you be untraceable via email.

Full Address – We do not need to know your full address. When dispatching a pillow the courier only needs to know the above. Only addresses in the UK will be accepted.


Name – This is mainly for those requesting on behalf of clients but will also help us ensure that a request hasn’t been made by someone else and that they are not already in receipt of a sleep-safe pillow.

Age – We do not fund pillows for children under the age of 2 years old which is the main purpose for this question. If a child will be 2 soon please include the date of birth. Secondly, we like to know who our demographic is. We need to know who we are helping most and where we need to work on getting the message of sleep safety out.

Reason for request – Here we require you to give as much detail regarding the diagnosis as you can, including seizure types (a description will do if you don’t know the names) frequency, medication and any other supporting information. Single use words or phrases like ‘Epilepsy’, ‘I’m epileptic’ or ‘I have fits or seizures’ are not an adequate response and will delay an application. We need to know about the person with epilepsy and why an anti-suffocation could help in their circumstance.

Please also note we use person first terminology. Seizures are epileptic – People are diagnosed with epilepsy. Also. ‘fits’ and ‘episodes’ could have double meaning so please try to use the term seizure so there’s no confusion.

Your data will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

If you have read the guidelines, please proceed to apply below: