EpilepGermany –  Sven Michael Story

My name is Sven, I’m 30 years old and I’m from Germany. My birth was a real adventure. I was born 6 weeks earlier, had brain hemorrhage, and was deaf. I learned to walk when I was 2 years old, and at 3,  I could already swim.

After years of medical treatment, mostly in hospitals, I was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Epilepsy is quite another story, it’s treacherous! You never know when the seizures start and when they’ll stop. After each seizure, I had to sleep because the strain was extremely high. To counter that I took 5 different drugs a day.

What happened then was almost a miracle. Despite my medical history, there was a day when everything changed. Even though I couldn’t walk until I was 2 years old, I really like climbing mountains. I can hear very well and my epilepsy is also gone. Nonetheless, I know the feeling of helplessness, loneliness, and despair.

Sven Michael of EpilepGermany

Black and white photo with the only colour being the purple nose that Sven is wearing

My personal truth about epilepsy: It’s like a dark shadow that enfolds you.

The seizures don’t just cause spasms, they also take your vigor; your youth. Thus, reach out for your happiness and don’t wait until it comes to you.

Fight for yourselves and your families. The more you enjoy life, the less epilepsy can harm you.

Many years I have been afflicted by daily epileptic seizures. Today, I am solitarically committed to people with epilepsy, to expand the consciousness in society.

Many thanks,
Sven Michael -Founder of Epilepgermany


EpilepGermany is a free and independent movement which is having their beginning in Germany (Bavaria). With some help from social medias it was possible that EpilepGermany could take a foothold in the international area.

To guarantee a conscious handling with epilepsy is the support from other movements and organizations needed to become a global network, that’s the goal from EpilepGermany EpilepGermany Projects Projects are ‘Talk About’ and ‘Purple Nose’.

EpilepGermany Projects include Purple Nose

Bree from Southern California who suffers with epilepsy

In ‘Talk About’ those affected talk about their experiences with epilepsy. They share their epilepsy stories with each other to educate their fellows. The project ‘Purple Nose’ is an initiative to express solidarity.

Wearing a purple clown nose or painting your nose purple – whichever it is, it doesn’t matter. The project’s purpose is to show your purple nose.

Purple Nose Project Alle Projekte sind an jedem Tag im Jahr möglich! cooperation partners: Bree

Hi everyone, my name is Bree and I live in Southern California. I was diagnosed with epilepsy ten years ago and am still fighting to get it under control, and am currently determined to spread awareness because I feel as though epilepsy is under funded and overlooked as a serious condition. I support epilepgermany because I want the awareness of epilepsy to reach as far as it can, and respect how much awareness they spread.