Hi! My name is Michelle and I want to share my epilepsy journey story.

I have suffered with epilepsy for almost 21 years.
I have front left temporal lobe epilepsy.
I am currently taking several epilepsy medications a day. My epilepsy has affected my family. Along with my 2 children I lived with my parents until I met my husband 11 years ago. My children witnessed me having seizures. My son was 3 when I just fell down in the street. Luckily we were doors away from home and he knew to run and get help. My daughter once found me in a pool of blood in the bathroom after I had a seizure and fell against the sink. These are just 2 examples.
My parents helped raise my children as I became a single mother and I couldn’t function with the medication I was on at the time. My mom stopped working so I had someone with me at all times. They should have been living life to the full. My children should never have had to see their mom in horrible and scary situations. But this is part of the impact my epilepsy has had.
Epilepsy Journey
epilepsy journey michelle hackett wedding

These photos are very recent and at a time where my epilepsy journey really had an impact. It was January of this year, 2020, and I had a bad seizure in the night. I fell out of bed and got stuck between my bed and bedside table which resulted to this picture of my injuries.

I was getting married just 5 weeks later and I was so scared I wouldn’t heal in time. I was panicking so much and I had to rely on a lot of people to help me. But 5 weeks later, I walked down the aisle with not a bruise in sight! This is shown here in my second photo. This is a specific time within my epilepsy journey that I truly felt like I had fought back.

I could never really specify who has supported me the most.

As I said, from day one, I lived with my parents and I couldn’t have coped without them. I couldn’t have functioned as a mother or had any kind of life.

But 11 years ago I met my now husband. I never thought I was going to find happiness. But he came into my life and took me, my children and my epilepsy on. He was with me from day one. He learnt how to help me. What to do during a seizure etc.

After a year we got a house together. I never thought I would move out and be able to live as a normal happy family. He has since became my rock. We have a daughter and are now happily married.

This is a specific time within my epilepsy journey that I truly felt like I had fought back. – Michelle