Free Epilepsy Puzzles

Studies have shown that solving puzzles is a terrific way to keep your brain in fine working order. That’s good news for everyone who enjoys puzzles, but it’s especially so, for older people who want their minds sharp and stimulated.
What is also great is that while we are solving the puzzles, we are actually doing exercises for the brain without even thinking about it!
Three people enjoying working out some epilepsy puzzles

We have created free epilepsy puzzles which are all especially epilepsy themed. Looking for answers? Head to our epilepsy page for answers and improve your epilepsy awareness as well!

A cartoon brain wearing glasses and celebrating after solving our FREE Epilepsy puzzles
The main benefits of puzzles are :
  • They are FUN!
  • Boosts Memory
  • Great for Relaxation

  • Promotes Concentration
  • Enhances Cognitive Skills
  • Develops Problem Solving 

  • Increases General Knowledge

  • Improves IQ (Intelligent Quotent) scores

Are you ready to tackle some tantalising puzzles?

Test your wits and put your clever solving skills to the test!
See how quickly you can get through our free epilepsy puzzles below:
epilepsy word search preview
epilepsy braintease preview
epilepsy crossword preview

Share the puzzles with your friends & family, see who completes it the quickest!!


Few people are actually willing to step up and talk about Epilepsy. We need to make the world aware of the impact Epilepsy has on so many and find a cure. Without a cure, there are far too many people who will never have relief from seizures.