I’m Bella, this is my Epilepsy Story

Hi there ?!

I got diagnosed with absent seizures at the age of 6, then had my first grand mal seizure when I was 17.

I had a bit of an incident late April last year (2019), where I had a grand mal seizure and collapsed on the ground whilst I was curling my hair. Fortunately, my friend Adam was on face time with me while I was doing my hair. Adam ran across the road since we were neighbours, and had called my mum straight away!

Since my mum was in her room the at that specific time, she couldn’t hear me as I kept seizing. With the way I fell, the straightener had clamped around my underarm and arm.

This photo I’ve provided is the result of this particular incident.

isabella stefanoski epilepsy

isabella stefanoski epilepsy story

My mum was finally there however, straight after my seizure, I had another grand mal seizure!

The ambulance arrived so fast!! They looked at my burn and they said it was actually a 4th degree burn! They told me that we need to put my burns under the shower for 20 minutes. Once the temperature reached 17 or 16, I again started to have a seizure! I think that was from shock.

Then I had to stay in hospital for a good month –  had to stay there for such a long period of time because i had another 3 seizures while I was in there.

Last year to say the least was a very tough year not just for me but also for my family.

But I’ve come such a long way now 🙂

isabella stefanoski epilepsy story 2