I’m Jason Hughes epilepsy advocate, this is my story

My life with epilepsy began when I was diagnosed at age 17, after an accident at work. I was working on a scaffolding which was 35ft up. The scaffolding collapsed with me on it. This happened 28 years ago.

I suffered a head injury. It was a very strange sensation, all I remember was I could hear what I believed to be water tricking downwards. It turned out to be the back of my head which I had cracked open!

I try not to think about it too much. Its hard to forget as the date was November 5th. I didn’t go out on that date for over 10 years as I was afraid something was going to happen. I tried to continue with my life.

Over the years, my seizures got worse and my seizure types changed as well. it was so difficult living at my parents house as I couldn’t cope with stairs. I once even had a seizure in the bath 20 years ago, and drowned. Luckily, my Dad had just come in. He rushed upstairs, pulled me out & resuscitated me.

In my life with epilepsy now, I live alone on the ground floor, no baths, and I have a wet room. I have to be so careful! I have a dislocated right shoulder which when I have some Tonic Clonic Seizures, tends to come out. It’s not all that bad though as I carried on with my football!

jason hughes

Once my head healed, I went into Football Management until I retired 4 years ago, so that I could concentrate on my advocate work for cerebral palsy and epilepsy awareness. 2 years ago, I was made a Purpleday Everyday Ambassador by the awesome Cassidy Megan.

I have been raising awareness for epilepsy for about 14 years. I am founder of 2 epilepsy groups, senior administrator of another & have gone from administrator, to senior administrator, to owner of an epilepsy page in 6 years.

I always say 3 things that you need is to be Positive, Happy & Believe in yourselves.

Thank you,
Jason Hughes Epilepsy Advocate
Living For Each & Everyday