Hi my name is Jonathan I am from South Wales UK and I live at home with my mother, my parents divorced when I was aged 2 and I have a half sister on my father’s side, when my parents divorced my grandparents helped my mother to raise me.

I was just 7 years old when my epilepsy started and the doctors are not sure why it started as there are no other family members that have it, it affected me and my family with schoolwork and found it stressful as I was having about 5-6 seizures a year and the doctors put me on Epilim, the seizures slowly reduced when I was a teenager until they stopped when I was 19 and was able to come off my medication.

jonathan epilepsy
jonathan epilepsy story

In 2013 I met my girlfriend Leeanne and we got engaged the Following year, I went 20 years without having any seizures and then in 2020 my epilepsy returned and I had a grand mal seizure in front of Leeanne while I was eating and if it wasn’t for her quick thinking I would have chocked on what I was eating, I went to the hospital after my 2nd seizure and they put me on Keppra which I am still on but the maximum dosage I have had 2 further seizures which have now stopped but I still suffer with aura’s 2-3 times a week.

In 2021 I done a fitness challenge in my local gym to help raise money for the charity. There should be more awareness raised by breaking the stigma in all gyms and it should be spoke about more on television and social media.