I Was Diagnosed with Epilepsy, At 17, After An Accident At work, Where I was Working on a Scaffolding, 35ft Up, The Scaffolding Collapsed with me on it, That was 28, Years ago, I Suffered a Head injury, it was a very strange sensation, all I remember was I could hear what I Believed to be water tricking Downwards, it Turned out to be the back of my head & Which I had Cracked open, I Try not to Think about it to much, Its hard to Forget as the Date was November 5th, I didn’t go out on that Date for over 10, Years, I was Afraid something was going to happen, I Tried To Continue with my life, over the years, my Seizures got worse, My Seizure Types Changed, it was so Difficult Living at my Parents House, as I Couldn’t cope with Stairs, I once Even had a Seizure in the Bath, 20, years ago, and Drowned, luckily my Dad, Had Just come in, he rushed upstairs, pulled me out & Resuscitated me, in my life now I live Alone on the Ground floor, no Baths, I have a Wet room, I have to be so Careful, I have a Dislocated Right shoulder, which when I have Some Tonic Clonic Seizures, Tends to come out, it’s not all that bad, as I Carried on with my Football,

Once my head healed, went into Football Management until I Retired 4, Years ago, So I could concentrate on my Advocate Work for Epilepsy & Cerebral palsy Awareness, 2, Years ago, I was made an Ambassador for Purpleday everyday.  By The Awesome Cassidy Megan, I have been raising Awareness for Epilepsy, for about, 14, Years, Founder of 2, Epilepsy Groups, Senior Administrator of Another & Have Gone From Administrator, To Senior Administrator, To Owner of a Epilepsy Page, in 6, Years, I Always say 3, Things that you need, is to be Positive, Happy & Believe in yourselfs, Thankyou, Jason Hughes, Living For Each & Everyday

jason hughes