Living with Epilepsy is difficult and challenging. It is a condition that can be diagnosed at any time during your life and shows itself in many different forms. It’s a neurological condition that affects the brain and the resulting seizures can have a dramatic impact on someone’s life. One seizure does not define someone with the condition and the seizures come in different forms too. Sometimes you may not even know if someone has had a seizure!

Around 600,000 people in the UK are affected by the condition with around 87 people being diagnosed with epilepsy every day. Whether you are diagnosed early or later in life the impact of epilepsy will have some life changing effects. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments available that can help reduce seizures including anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs), surgery to remove a small part of the brain that causes the seizures, inserting a small electrical device in the body that can help control seizures and a special ketogenic diet. AEDs are the most common form of treatment and help over 70% of those with epilepsy. It’s not a cure but can help stop seizures from happening.

What is Tap2Tag Medical?

It’s a simple device, which anyone can use. A typical Tap2Tag Medical user wears a wristband, similar to popular rubbery charity wristbands.

Other users prefer to have a key fob or carry a card, same choose to use a combination.

NFC (Near-field communication) was designed for use with most modern mobile phones.

Users without NFC can access the system via QR code (with select products) or their mobile browser.

Tap2Tag wristband being tapped by an NFC enabled phone

In an emergency, for example when someone collapses, after calling the emergency services any passer-by or neighbour with an NFC-enabled mobile phone can “tap” the patients device. With a couple of clicks they can gain instant access to information that the wearer has chosen to disclose.

This might include:
  • Their name
  • Allergies
  • Known medical conditions
  • Medications they need
  • Any document such as : A care plan, healthcare passport or even a copy of their last prescription

  • A user might also choose to include information of organ donation, their date of birth, blood group and a photograph

Even if the first responder hasn’t activated the Tap2Tap Medical the paramedics can do so on arrival, gaining vital, potentially life-saving information about the patient.

Emergency Contacts

Additionally, when the device is ‘tapped’ by NFC and the situation is verified as being an emergency, it can also send instant messages to designated family members or carers to let them know that the user is experiencing a difficulty.

These notifications can be by text message or e-mail – the user ( or their family) chooses the method they prefer when setting up their account.

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Tap2Tag medical alert wristband
Adjustable Fabric Medical Alert Wristband (Epilepsy version)

The Tap2Tag medical alert wristband uses NFC technology to allow paramedics and other health professionals get access to your medical information quickly and efficiently.

Black Adjustable Medical Wristband
Black Adjustable Medical Wristband V2, with NFC and QR code

Can be used with any device that has access to the internet, anywhere in the world. It’s durable, discrete and just wonderful. Update your profile any time with no subscription required.

Adjustable wristband with NFC and QR code technology
Adjustable Medical Alert Wristband V3 with QR/NFC

Our new adjustable wristband with NFC and QR code technology. Update your profile any time with no subscription required. Limited stock only.

Tap2Tag Emergency Medical Card
Emergency Medical Card V1

It’s durable, fits nicely into a wallet or purse and enables you to carry YOUR medical information with you anywhere in the world.

Medical Alert Key from Tap2Tag
Medical Alert Key fob V2

Tap2Tag’s new Medical Alert Key Fob with NFC and QR code technology. Update your profile any time with no subscription required.


Few people are actually willing to step up and talk about Epilepsy. We need to make the world aware of the impact Epilepsy has on so many and find a cure. Without a cure, there are far too many people who will never have relief from seizures.