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Below are the epilepsy stories very kindly submitted to our website and our social media pages by people living with the condition and the families and friends caring for them.

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Epilepsy is the fourth most common, serious neurological condition in the world but it impacts each person’s life in a unique and individual way. By sharing your story, you are helping our mission of supporting epilepsy awareness!

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Cassidy Megan founder of Purple Day - read her story

Isabella Stefanoski Epilepsy Story

I'm Bella, this is my Epilepsy Story Hi there ! I got diagnosed with absent seizures at the age of 6, then had my first grand mal seizure when I was 17. I had a bit of an incident late April last year (2019), where I had a grand mal seizure and collapsed on the ground whilst I was curling my hair.

Nancy Young Story

Hi! I'm Nancy Young, this is my story. I was in working whilst studying in college. I was in the ER as an intermediate level EMT and had focuses in trauma and orthopedics. I also did some triage as well. I was three weeks away from graduation. On December 2, 2002, I left work to go home for lunch then go to

My Life with Epilepsy

I'm Jason Hughes epilepsy advocate, this is my story My life with epilepsy began when I was diagnosed at age 17, after an accident at work. I was working on a scaffolding which was 35ft up. The scaffolding collapsed with me on it. This happened 28 years ago. I suffered a head injury. It was a very strange sensation, all I remember

Ketaki Chitale – Epilepsy Made Me Stronger

My name is Ketaki Chitale. I am from Mumbai, India. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 10. I apparently did showcase the symptoms before being diagnosed but the research and medical know-how regarding Epilepsy in India was not as developed in the early 90's, thus the late diagnosis. Epilepsy doesn't discriminate people, but people do. As a child, I was

Living with Epilepsy Story

This is Fred Kiserem's living with epilepsy story When Fred Kiserem first convulsed 2012 while at work in Basra, Iraq, he did not think that he would later be diagnosed with epilepsy, a chronic illness that causes unprovoked, recurrent seizures. He did not visit the hospital, neither did he tell his employer in order to secure his job. The seizure attacked again after one month,

Michelle’s Seizure Story – Seizing a Cure

This is Michelle's Seizure Story as told by Melissa McDonald “I still remember the first time Michelle had a seizure,” said Eunice Cole, Michelle Hernandez’s mother, recalling more than 30 years earlier. “I was scared to death. She was just 11-months-old. I remember when she had another seizure…putting her in my lap and driving to the emergency room.” Cole was told her daughter was having


I am Natalie, an advocate for those battling epilepsy. I was diagnosed at the age of two with epilepsy due to a traumatic brain injury. I spent my childhood being overmedicated on medicine, not having my seizures under control. I dealt with many of the negative side effects which resulted in me becoming suicidal. Once I reached early


Hello everyone, Let me introduce Mrs. Pema Choki, 50 yrs. Undoubtedly, she is one of the strongest women I have ever met. Self-employed, she runs her own grocery shop and is also a proud mother of three children. By appearance, she looks, strong, bold and satisfied with her life. I first met her at the hospital; she had come for her follow up appointment

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    Few people are actually willing to step up and talk about Epilepsy. We need to make the world aware of the impact Epilepsy has on so many and find a cure. Without a cure, there are far too many people who will never have relief from seizures.

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